Fujifilm FinePix S9200 Review

The Fujifilm FinePix S9200 is a new bridge camera with a massive 50x, 24-1200mm zoom lens. The Fujifilm S9200 also offers full 1080p movies at 60fps with stereo sound, a 3 inch LCD screen, electronic viewfinder, 10ps burst shooting and a 16 megapixel back-illuminated EXR sensor. Read our Fujifilm FinePix S9200 review now… Read the...
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25 Magical Pictures of Fog

There’s something about a landscape filled with fog that makes you just stop and stare. In photography, pictures with fog also stand out because the fog adds a serene and magical touch. Fog by 55Laney69 befog by Martin Fisch Misty winter afternoon by Bert Kaufmann Foggy Dreamscape by Mike Behnken Saint Anna Lake VII by...
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Stuck in Neutral

Dear Jasmine, I am currently a full-time photographer working for a studio and still trying to do my photography on the side. I’ve been doing photography for as long as I can remember, but I feel that this is as far as I am going to make it I’M STUCK…. I started making a photography...
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Watermarking Photos for Social Media

A few months ago, I excitedly launched my newly redesigned blog and in addition to the facelift, I watermarked my images differently. This post isn’t about whether photographers should or shouldn’t watermark, but if you decide to do so (like me), let’s have a chat about the most effective forms. If you’ve been with my...
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Take Your Summer Photography to the Next Level! Ideas for creative photography

Summer is a perfect time for colourful, creative photography. However, it's easy for amateur photographers to get stuck on simple pictures of nice trees, dewdrops, beaches and our families. Hopefully, the following ideas for creative photography will help you take your summer photography to the next level.

  • Life Highlights

    Sit down to think about all the important memories in your life and try to recreate these in a photograph. Remember that time you left for college? Remember when you got your first car? Not only can it be fun to do this for the pictures you end up with, but it will also get you on the road and out of the house this summer.

  • One Location

    If there is a location you particularly enjoy, go there 10 times in a single months. Photograph the same spot every time, but come at different times and in different weather conditions. You can make a gorgeous collage at the end of it.

  • Help a Homeless

    If you see a homeless person that is asking for money, ask them to pose for a photograph in return for £2. You will have a beautiful social project that shows real human issues, and you will help out someone with real problems at the same time

  • Fairy Tales

    Pick your favourite fairy tale and find areas to photograph to help you create a story book of that particularly story.

  • Geocaching

    Geocaching - where you look for things others have left behind following clues - is a wonderful way to spend time. If you can then also take pictures of your locations to give other people clues, you are doing something memorable and useful.

  • Self Portraits

    At the end of the day, take a photograph of yourself showing the emotion you feel describes the day the best. This is a wonderful way to keep a diary.

  • Architecture

    Take pictures of landmark buildings and art in your town to show what the architecture is like. It is a great way to showcase your town, particularly if it has started to get a bad name, as most towns in England now have. One of our favourite architectural photographers is Paul Arthur, who is located in The Fireworks, The Old Fire Station, 68 Albion Street, Birmingham, B1 3EA.

  • Food

    You may laugh at those craze people on holiday that take pictures of their food, but they actually make for amazing pictures. Take a picture of one thing you eat during the day for a full month. You can then create a recipe book, or simply make a collage at the end.